Writer's Block

I've been a tad absent in my blog world recently. I've been both busy and in "consume" mode. I suppose I have been feeling like I don't have much to give because I've been running on empty. I'm no stranger to the feeling since motherhood consists of many days where the empty tank warning light is blinking. Maybe I'm just in one of those writer ruts. Writer's block is hitting me hard. So, I've been consuming a bit to fill myself up.

I thought I'd share some of what I've been reading and watching recently because it's all been refreshing and inspiring me to dream some big dreams for my 30th decade. Maybe if I get the courage (and clarity) I'll share a bit about that later. 


I have always loved reading. I started reading at an early age, and I've always consumed books at a rapid pace. In my adult years and especially when I became a mom, I was reading less because I decided I didn't have time. Once I decided to MAKE time, I realized what a void I had from not taking in a variety of literature. Not just Christian inspiration, but fiction, non-fiction, history, fantasy...I've been shutting off the screens and making more time for my long lost love and it's so worth it. And of course, as a writer, reading is a super important tool for me. I'm learning that I'm a multiple books at one time kind of person. That way I have something appropriate for my always changing moods ;) So without further ado, here are a few of my recent reads. 

PRO TIP: CLOUD LIBRARY! Have you heard of this? Do you have it? It's amazing. I am allll about having a physical book to smell and peruse and dog-ear and highlight, but sometimes I can't get a book quickly enough OR my shelves are full OR budget. Cloud Library connects with your local library and you can borrow digital or audio books and return when you're done. It's been such a great tool for when I'm not sure if I want to spend money on a book or if I'm not sure I'll love it. 

Four Seasons in Rome This book gave me all the feels and transported me to Italy (where I'm wishing to be right now). This book follows a year in the life of the author and his family while they lived in Rome so he could write a book. It's an easy, enjoyable, summer by the pool kind of read.

A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and A Great War Read. This. Book. If you have any interest in C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien or European History, this book is fantastic. It's a short read and gives you a really wonderful perspective on how WW1 shaped the two authors and their stories. 

Bridge to Terabithia When I was in CYT (Christian Youth Theater) one of the first shows I was in was Bridge to Terabithia. My school never read the book, but I've always known the story from being in the play. I decided to actually read the book and my goodness it's beautiful. It's children's literature, so it's an easy read, but the themes and topics are timeless and it's just a beautiful (and heartbreaking) story. 

Simplicity Parenting Take this or leave this. I'm not one to force my parenting styles or beliefs on anyone, and chances are that just by seeing the title you'll be immediately interested or immediately rolling your eyes. I was given this book by a couple whose parenting style both Jon and I really admire, so I've been diving into it and loving it. 

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society This novel is being made into a movie that releases in the US soon, so I wanted to read it before seeing it on the big screen. It is so enjoyable! It's an epistolary novel (it's written in a series of letters from various characters to each other), which may not be for everyone. It's set just after WW2 and highlights some historical events from the Guernsey island during Nazi occupation and how literature has impacted the various characters. So the book nerd and Euro history nerd in me is having a party. 


Right now, I'm all about anything having to do with food. Documentaries and series about food with a good story behind it always inspire me in the kitchen. And always remind me of my Nonna and why I love cooking. Also, PBS Masterpiece Classics are my jam. Since Downton Abbey is done, I just watch anything cheesy and British that I can get my hands on (when Jon isn't home). 

Poldark (Amazon Prime) A good ol' PBS Classic. Based on novels, it's set after the American Revolution in Britain. It's not the kind of show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, binge-watching late into the night. But it's great for a quiet, slow, evening of British storytelling.

Chef's Table Season 4 (Netflix) Any season of Chef's Table is a good season of Chef's Table. This series is so great at capturing the story behind chef's. It's inspiring, it's heartbreaking, it's mouthwatering...I wish Chef's Table would never end. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) Both seasons have been so entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris is a genius and the story hooks you.  


What are you consuming right now to fill you up?