Currently Reading....

This year I made it my goal to read more, which seems ridiculous given the fact that I love reading. But with Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime, my brain has been wasting away at the mercy of PBC Masterpiece Classics and Bachelor in Paradise. 

I have crossed off so many books off my list already and I always have the most difficult time choosing where to begin next. I thought I'd share a few of my recent and current reads for those of you who are looking for your next novel escape.

1. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Let me be honest and say I am always very apprehensive to try new authors when it comes to fiction. If I'm not sold within a chapter or two, I have a pretty hard time committing to the rest of the book and I know I tend to like the classics like Steinbeck and Fitzgerald. So every year when the NY Times Bestseller list comes out, I almost never read what's on it because I judge every book by its cover and whether or not I know the author. Terrible I know. But this one finally got me. Some of my personal favorite authors have been raving about it, so I gave it a try and it was indeed, great. 

It chronicles a story of an African-American couple in the south and the husband has been accused of a crime he didn't commit. It really gave me insight into the African-American community and some of the struggles they deal with. I would highly recommend reading this book as a way to expand your horizons. Books are such a fantastic way to put ourselves in other people's shoes and gain perspective that we might not otherwise have had. 

2. Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

I am way late to the Anne of Green Gables game, I know. But I am in love. If I see a show or movie coming out that is based off a book, I love to read the book first when possible. So when Netflix came out with "Anne with an E" I grabbed the books and I'm hooked. While someone might watch the show and be annoyed with Anne's dramatic flair and vernacular, having read the books I have an appreciation for it. These coming of age novels are so endearing to me. So, book two in the Anne series continued to fulfill my expectations of something light, cheerful, whimsical, and youthful (without all the vampire trash).

3. A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

I was so excited to start this book because as I mentioned before, I love the old classic novelists and I am fascinated by European History and the Great War. This book has taken me longer to get through and not because I didn't enjoy it but because I was having a hard time following it. It may have been the timing of when I read it, but it has been a great story none the less. If you enjoy classics, this one is always worth adding to your list.

4. Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Read this. Read Brené. Read all of Brené. I was listening to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday podcast and she did an interview with Brené regarding this book and I knew I had to read it. Brené is a social psychologist who specializes in shame and guilt. Her work is extraordinary. It's relatable and practical and I have read this feeling like I know more about myself AND I can make better choices emotionally. I would call that a win. I'm really taking my time through this one because I want to soak in everything she has to say. 

So, in honor of National Book Reading day, I hope these 4 books give you some ideas for your next read! What are you reading right now? 

Next up on my list: 

  • Wrinkle in Time series 
  • Harry Potter (again, round 3)
  • Catcher in the Rye