La Buona Tavola means the good table. Some of life's greatest moments happen at the table, surrounded by the ones we love most. This is a place to gather round the table and have a conversation about real life. This is a place to celebrate the beauty of imperfections and everyday life.



Life, motherhood, + musings.



Tried and true from Nonna's kitchen.



The little things that get me through life.



hello, my name is vittoria.

I am a writer, baker, wife, mom, daughter, sister + friend. I love to find delicious places to eat, especially in Europe. I love to hear the sounds of spring outside my window + feel the crisp air of fall. You can find me watching Downton Abbey or documentaries about chefs + I love a good novel to go with a cup of tea.

I feel most alive when I'm writing and baking. My hope is through storytelling, people would feel like they aren't alone so this blog is a place to show the beauty, the mess, and to talk about things that I'm passionate about!